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We care greatly about your well-being. We want you to leave the everyday hustle and bustle behind during your stay here with us in Hotel Alte Post and do yourself something good. With a nurturing facial or body treatment or an exclusive beauty bath. Let each treatment take its effect, enjoy the ambience and think of nothing for a moment... You will see just how much good this does you!

Book your preferred time and date in our Wellnesshotel at Arlberg by phone
on +43 5446 255348 or by email to


  • Aromatherapy Facial Treatment

    A care ritual based on the power of Aromaessence. This treatment is perfect for total relaxation and a radiant complexion. Cleansing, peeling, facial massage with neck massage, mask and final care ( 55 min).
    55 min.
    82 €
  • Aromaplasty Facial

    This facial adapts to your skin's needs and returns you to perfect balance. Cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, cleansing, facial massage and the unique Aromaplasty build-up mask with 100% natural linseed, wheat germ and sunflower seeds and finishing care.
    85 min.
    115 €
  • Aroma Expert Excellence

    An exclusive Art Age facial treatment with concentrated special masks. Each mask is specifically tailored to the skin's needs and, thanks to the combination of aromaessence and special mask, offers an extraordinary result.
    85 min.
    140 €
  • Radiantly beautiful

    With microdermabrasion to instantly refine your skin's texture. This treatment reduces wrinkles and scar depth and leads to faster cell division and renewal. Followed by a suction wave massage for optimal de-lymphing and finally ultrasound therapy against pigmentation spots, acne, scars and wrinkles.
    60 min.
    160 €
  • Ultrasound only

    Treatment against acne, scars, couperose and pigment spots.
    20 min.
    45 €

Day Spa

  • Day Spa use

    When booking a treatment, you can also book the pool area with pool, whirlpool, sauna,... with your booking. Sauna open from 3 pm.
    35 €

For Men

  • Intensive Treatment

    daily shaving means stress for men's skin and is usually the main cause of irritation. This is where our treatment helps.
    75 min.
    95 €
  • Express Energizing Treatment

    for the stressed man ( cleansing, peeling, facial massage, anti-stress mask and final care )
    30 min.
    52 €


  • Eyebrow correction

    15 min.
    12 €
  • Eyebrow colouring

    15 min.
    15 €
  • Dye eyelashes

    15 min.
    17 €
  • Eyelash lift incl. eyelash tinting

    The Lash Lifting is a sensational method to give the natural lashes a strong upward swing.
    50 min.
    62 €

Hand and Feet

  • Manicure

    Hand bath, nail filing, nail care, final care without polish
    35 min.
    48 €
  • Perfect hands

    Hand bath, nail care, peeling, hand massage, paraffin or hand pack, final care without varnish
    50 min.
    64 €
  • Shellac manicure

    A new, long-lasting shellac ( nail polish ) for the nails with an incredible shine, even after several weeks! Gone are the long drying times after varnishing - the varnish is dry immediately.
    50 min.
    55 €
  • Lacquering with OPI

    You will receive your chosen nail polish as a gift after application !
    18 €
  • Pedicure

    without nail polish
    50 min.
    54 €
  • Extra charge gel nail polish

    25 €
  • Extra charge remove gel polish

    15 min.
    18 €

Hair free at last

  • Lower leg resin

    20 min.
    36 €
  • Completely resin legs

    30 min.
    62 €
  • Bikini zone

    Bikini line only
    20 min.
    25 €
  • Armpit

    20 min.
    20 €
  • Upper Lip

    15 min.
    14 €
  • Back

    from € 35,-
    20 min.
    35 €


  • Eucalyptus bath

    20 min.
    28 €
  • Swiss stone pine bath

    20 min.
    28 €
  • Rose petal bath

    Harmonising, balancing and mood-lifting
    20 min.
    28 €
  • Tyrolean stone oil bath

    Good against rheumatic complaints
    25 min.
    39 €